How to Play

  1. Scratch the Card
  2. Check the Card
  3. See if you won
  4. Get a new card
  5. Repeat until out of cash

There is no way to win, you can just keep playing until you run out of money.

As this is a gambling simulator, I've provided some resources below about Gambling Addiction.

Resources for Gambling Addiction


Pixabay, Internet Janitor's widget collection, Decker,  Game by SysL

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Tagscard, chance, Dark Humor, decker, match-three, random
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Love this, such a nicely executed lil game


It's great ! I'd love to see the background slowly being damaged as we loose money and hope. Could totally imagine this concept coupled with a narrative dimension. Wp ! 


Really fun little game!


There's a bug. every time you scratch a card the check card button turn clickable even if you have already checked that card. If it's a winning ticket it let you take the reward again and again


honestly someone beating the system is the best ending I could ask for. Thank you for reporting it, but I think I'll leave it. 


I have scratched cards until I was financially and emotionally bankrupt. 10/10 would recommend :)


The first win was so fun, and then.....

I love the combination of the b&w and the very excited wigglypaint.


The first one is how they getcha hooked.


That's so silly!


I lost all my money on scratchie cards which feels like an accurate simulation of what would happen for realsies!