A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

How to Play

You do everything with the left mouse button.

Created for the "60 Seconds"  Awful Jam, 2019 - https://itch.io/jam/awful-summer-2019


Use your mouse to solve challenges while under a 60 second timer.

Defeat all of the challenges to defeat the disagreeable script and shut it down.

Use Assist Mode to help out if you're stuck!

Currently - Version 2

Fixed the following bugs:

  • Typo on level 5
  • Cursor does not reset after death.
  • Moving window not responding well on all systems
  • Update Puzzle 3
  • Update Puzzle 8
  • Update Credits


 Bug Fix


Seconds_To_Scan_V2.zip 13 MB

Install instructions

How to Run - Windows

Run Windows/Seconds_to_scan.exe

How to Run - Mac/Linux

Grab the love2D 11.2 package, and drag Seconds_to_scan.love file on top of the
package, or launch them though the command: love Seconds_to_scan.love

You can get Love2D at https://love2d.org/ or Love2D though your package manager.


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A fun short quiz type game. Kind of reminds me of the impossible quiz, but much easier.


it looks fun :)